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[sticky post] Tag Request Post and Updates

I thought it might be a good idea to make a permanent post for this. Please read through the rules post before posting. If there are any tags you would like me to add, including: author, artist, category, character, pairing, etc., please comment to this post and I will add them as promptly as I can. Also, please add new tags to any previous posts they apply to.

Edit: I will no longer be posting separate tag updates, so keep an eye on this post and its comments for new tags and info.

7-23-12: Fixed the episode tags, so they should now be listed in order. Added a "character: minor character" tag for characters who are not named/appear in only one ep., various pairing tags, "fanworks: picspam" tag, "category: supernatural" tag, season 2 tags, and started adding "crossover fandom: whatever" tags. Please comment here with any crossover fandoms you've posted/are planning to post.

8-12-12: Shifted the gift exchange, big bang challenge and other tags to the "fandom: whatever" umbrella. Added non-con, dub-con, historical, and rpf category tags. As requested, I've now added a "fandom: spoilers" tag. However, make sure that you tag any posts with spoilers with the appropriate episode tags (if applicable).


"When The Game Stands Tall" Trailer

For anyone who's interested, the trailer for Jim Caviezel's new movie "When The Game Stands Tall" can be found here:


After watching last season's "Bury the Lede" I can't pass up JC in glasses. =)

Discussion Post: 3.20 Death Benefit

Sorry I didn't have this up earlier, IMDB has the ep listed as airing next week.

Amy Acker's Agents of SHIELD episode

Amy's episode of Agents of SHIELD will air next Tuesday, April 22. She played the niece of Agents of SHIELD star, Clark Gregg, in Joss Whedon's version of Much Ado About Nothing.

Person of Interest/Due South; Fic; G

Title: Bear With Me
Fandoms: Due South/Person of Interest
Characters: Dief/Bear, Fraser, Finch/Reese
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,118
Summary: Even though Bear isn't blond, Dief is still infatuated with him.


Fic: Selfie In Blue

Title: Selfie In Blue
Author: blacktop
Characters: John Reese, Harold Finch, Joss Carter, Carl Elias, OC
Rating: R
Warnings: Brief violence, sex, chagrin
Word count: 18,000
Summary: Case fic. Gripped by a bout of nostalgia, Reese battles to save a teenage girl from the snare of an international criminal organization. Finch and Carter give valuable support to Reese, but they also complicate his life. Nine chapters complete.

POI ficlet: Not Suitable

TITLE: POI ficlet - Not Suitable
AUTHOR: whomii2
CHARACTERS: Finch, Reese, Carter, Fusco
SUMMARY: POI Iron Man crossover fusion #6 [Finch=Tony Stark; Reese=Iron Man; Carter=Pepper; Fusco=Happy]

As chapter with other stories here:


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