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Person of Interest Fanfic Community
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Person of Interest Fanfic Community
season 3 themed by crazypandabear

Welcome to the Person of Interest Fanfic Community. I'm your moderator sevencorvus, if anyone has any questions/concerns/suggestions feel free to email me at SevenCorvus@gmail.com, please put Person of Interest Fic in the subject heading.

The Rules

What is allowed in this community?
fanfic, icons, screencaps, any other fanart, fanvids, fanmixes, recs, links, discussion posts, news, etc.
-basically anything that is related to the tv show Person of Interest

-I will not tolerate flaming or trolling, please be civil, my hope is this will be a non-issue
-if you are interested in affiliating, promoting a community, or are unsure if something is allowed, please contact me first

-required on every post
-if you don't tag, you get two warnings before I start moderating your posts
-if you are not sure what tags to use, please look at similar posts or pm/email me for clarification
-I periodically go through and update tags, author/artist tags are added automatically, but feel free to
say something in your post (or contact me) if you have a suggestion for a new tag and use "tags?" or comment on the tag request post
-when I add tags, I work from older to newer posts and leave a comment saying "tags added", so don't be concerned if you haven't gotten an author/artist tag yet

Discussion Posts:
-I post the official discussion post for new episodes right before the episode airs
-anyone is welcome to start a new discussion post or direct people to the old one when an old episode re-airs
-negative comments regarding characters, plot, etc. are allowed, but try to keep bashing to a minimum and recognize that members will have differences of opinion
-please don't add subjects to your responses

-all spoilers should be behind a cut, and your post should have episode tags if applicable
-please put images and personal comments for an episode behind a cut until a week after the episode

-please put all stories behind a cut
-you may link to an external entry, but make sure it's not friends-locked
-crossovers are welcome as long as one of the fandoms is Person of Interest, or one of the characters is present
-slash and rpf are also welcome, but should be clearly marked
-please include a warning for triggers. Triggers may include, but are not limited to, non-con, dub-con, mpreg, incest, character death, self-harm, torture, abuse, etc.
-when posting please use a header similar to this:
Word Count:

-you may preview one image (gif/screencap/fanart/etc.), the rest should be behind a cut
-you may preview up to 3 icons, the rest should be behind a cut

Banner/Icon Challenge:
-I'm throwing out a challenge to all the talented artists in our community to make banners/icons for the comm
-only requirements are that they are Person of Interest themed, have "Person of Interest Fanfic Community" somewhere on them (bonus points for the community slogan "A Concerned Third Party")
-dimensions for the banners are 940px × 200px
-please email the completed banners/icons to me at SevenCorvus@gmail.com and I will unveil them to the comm.
-banners/icons will be switched at the beginning of every month
-seasonal inspired ones are welcome

If anyone has any questions/concerns/suggestions regarding the above, please comment here.

Current banner was made by crazypandabear and icon by hotch_fan.

Mirror Community: [community profile] pofinterest_fic
Sister Community: personofint_tv

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